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Entrust Altus Quality’s seasoned experts to instill assurance within the ever-evolving landscape of our global environment. Our auditors exemplify competence, reliability, and thoroughness, adhering to an unwavering work ethic that remains timeless. Each audit is conducted with the utmost diligence and enthusiasm.

Altus Quality proudly offers a spectrum of audit options, encompassing Remote/Virtual, hybrid, and traditional face-to-face approaches. Leveraging the profound expertise of industry veterans, you can rest assured that audit outcomes are characterized by credibility and precision. Our dedicated professionals boast extensive experience spanning multiple GxP standards, including GCP, GLP, GVP, and GMP.

We support the following audit types:


Travel and Boarding Cost


High dollar expenses incurred for transportation and boarding.


No associated cost, as the audit may be conducted from the comfort of the participants’ base location.


Costly cancellation fees due to due unforeseen circumstances.

Dates and times can be easily rearranged to accommodate unforeseen circumstances.

Time Consideration

Traditionally, the audit host will spend the entire business day(s) with the Auditor. This process occupies many hours of the Auditee's time and is resource-intensive.

The Auditor will have scheduled check-in periods with the Auditee to review notes and to ask clarifying questions. This allows for more consideration and flexibility of the Auditee’s time.

Travel Restriction

If travel restrictions are in place, the audit may have to be cancelled or postponed until an undetermined time. This issue may cause many missed deadlines and work overload when travel restrictions are eased.

Travel restrictions have no impact on remote audits. The sole requirement is that the Auditee and Auditor have secure internet access and an electronic sharing platform.

Safety and Health Concern

Face-to-face audits have potential to expose the Auditee and Auditor to known and unknown health concerns (i.e. contagions).

With no need for face-to-face contact, the potential threat of exposure to a contagion is eliminated, thus guarding the safety and well-being of the Auditee and Auditor.


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